Sunday, March 18, 2012

School Pictures

So our school does Spring Pictures.  They bring in a photographer that has a green screen and takes photos, the kids get to choose their back grounds, they love it.  Me....not so much.  I think some of the backgrounds are quite tacky....But...I still buy at least one page.  Even though I know I can get something much better, I can't refuse them.  Lol--something about their faces.  :)  




  1. Oh man. This is awesome! It's amazing how those photographers make money. I too have to give in and buy 1...just for memory sake. ps: your picture ROCKS! What a handsome boy!

  2. Liz, we think you ought to be doing the pictures.

  3. Tom looks like a stressed out future convict in every school pic, and we buy them every time :-) The things we do. . . .