Friday, March 1, 2013

Every year

Every year!  Every year photos should be taken.  Even if you don't think you have changed that much--you have!!  And your children have!!!  I'm so glad we did photos for this sweet family.  
 Check the difference out between last year, and this year.  
Love this family--this little guy is one of my William's best buddies.  

A baby announcement

This was something fun and new!!  I got to photograph a baby announcement!  They were looking for a fun way to tell their families.  What a great idea!  We went to a great little beach in Malibu--it had some really fun, colorful surfboards--so much fun!  

A Photo Field trip

Its always nice to get out and go somewhere different.  We ventured into LA for this fun family.  Love their bright colors, and the adorable munchkin down in front.  :)

Bollard Family

I love doing family pictures.   I know that in five, ten, twenty years, these photos will be priceless!  I know from my own experience, it is so hard to to get them done.  It takes a lot of effort to pick out outfits, schedule a time, and make sure everybody is happy, not hungry and in a good mood.  In the end, its all worth it.  Love this family!

California Mom

A sweet friend of mine had her fourth and final baby.  You can see her maternity photos here.  I had the pleasure of photographing her family some months later.  

My favorite Nashville Family

A while ago, my husband and I got to visit this most wonderful family.  They live in Nashville, and are our dear friends from our college days.  They have three of the most beautiful, blonde, blue eyed children.  We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, talking and laughing.   We were bad guests, and they were the most wonderful hosts.  :)
Love them!