Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sister #2

This sweet girl is part of my favorite triplets. :) Actually they are the only triplets that I know. You met her sister last week, and her other sister is on the books for next week. I had such a great time with Brenna--she was not a bit shy with the camera, and whipped out some great poses on her own! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Final C. Baby

You met this little guy's mama a few months ago. He arrived safe and sound and even a tad bit early! And he is adorable--I hate to admit it, but I did get a little bit of the "newborn-itch" holding this little guy.

I like this first shot--because they are tiny for such a short amount of time. His head fits in her hands--tiny.

I like to put babies on blankets with "stories". Maybe it came from a grandma, a friend---someday the blanket will be gone, but the picture will remain.

This one just makes me smile....its almost like he needs one of those wrestling masks that his brothers have. It looks like he's flexing his little muscles in triumph! That....or he's pooping. :)
P.S....Leave a comment and say hi. I have a tracker on here...but some places I don't know if I know anybody from there!! So say hi if you read this! :) Thanks--Liz

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another gorgeous red head!

I can't believe this girl is 18!! I first met her and family when she was 13. What a gorgeous girl she has turned into. She is so talented and such a sweetheart. It will be so fun to see where life takes her in the next few years.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Red

Check out the gorgeous red hair on this beauty! Elsie turned one this month, and she was so fun to take pictures of. Mom had this adorable fairy costume--and I can't get over her roundness! Round cheeks, round belly, she is one of those babies you just want to squish and kiss! Happy Birthday baby Bollard.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blue Steel!

I will admit, in the past I tend to "boost" the eye color in some of my close up portraits. It kind makes the eyes pop, and makes them stand out a bit. I DID NOT edit this little boys eyes at all!! What you see is the real thing!!! Isn't he just the most handsome little guy! :) He was a champ for this photo shoot--we did it up at our local mall where there is a fantastic Koi pond. His parents had told him, "if you smile and say cheese for Liz we'll go see the fishies"--and he was soooo good!!

K and I were talking that family pictures NEED to be a yearly tradition. Children change so quickly, and when they're gone you'll want every picture of their youth you can lay your hands on. (Not too mention, we're not getting any younger either!)
With that being said, let me admit, that in 12 years of marriage, I have not had a family picture taken. It all changes this year!

Meet Baby Z!!

I think Baby Z was one of the most anticipated baby's! We were all watching her mama as the weeks ticked by, and hoped she arrived here safe and sound. And wow, was she worth the wait! Check out the hair on this beauty!!! She was awake the whole time during the photo shoot, and just good as gold.

Big Sister was such a good hostess--she showed me her room, her new potty watch, we chatted princesses and she gave me a cute new nickname of "Lizard". :)

Congratulations White Family!