Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Friends, are the Best Friends

I just got back from Utah visiting my family, and a very rare meeting happened.  My two best friends from high school/college were all in our home town, and we were able to get together for an evening out.  I have not seen these girls in at least 7 or 8 years!  We had the best time just catching up--lots of laughs of  the funny, weird, things we did.  
This picture is one of my favorites.  We all must be about 20 years old--and can I just say, I hope overalls come back in style.  ;)  Could there be a more comfortable outfit--i think not!!  lol 
Kara hates this pic--but it was the last time we were really "together".  I knew I was going to be getting married, Jen was moving to New York to be a nanny, and Kara was going to  BYU Jerusalem for school.  We were leaving our youth, and heading out into the future.  :) 
 I LOVE this picture--it was taken at the airport saying good-bye to Jen, and we all got kind of teary, because we all knew.

So fast forward 14 years, and here is Jen!  She is about 6 months pregnant in these pictures, so she doesn't have a huge belly like you tend to see in maternity shoots, but, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some shots of my BFF from my childhood.  And wow, she has only gotten more beautiful with age.  

I'm kicking myself now that we didn't get a better picture of us together on our night out, since who knows when it may happen again.  But here we are after we'd laughed ourselves silly all night.  
I was so lucky to have them for friends.  Love them.

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