Saturday, January 21, 2012

My own Family Pics

My sister in law and I swap taking each other's family pictures.  And I have to say, I think I get the better end of the deal!  I just really love these!  I did her family here at the beach, but man it was sooooo windy and COLD.  I love beach photographs, but you really run the risk with tricky weather over there.  
Anyway, we had a great time doing these, and Ashleigh was amazing!  She had the kiddo's laughing, and the pictures make me smile every time I see them.  I will treasure these forever!  


  1. Love them. Such a cute family!

  2. Holy Cow Liz your are one beautiful woman!!! You look so gorgeous in these!! What a cute family!!!
    I just got a returned Christmas card in the mail the other day. It was from me to you so I must have written your address down wrong;(
    If you get a second send me a message in Facebook with your new address because there is nothing like getting a Christmas card in January right???