Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Bollard

This little cutie patootie arrived a bit early!  You saw her mama's maternity photo session here.  When I photograph newborns, I like them 2 weeks and under.  They are super sleepy and easy to shape and pose.  Well miss Madeline did not want to go to sleep at all!  And when she did "sleep" she still had her eyes cracked open just a bit.  Come to find out...thats how she sleeps!  You'll have to ask her mama about that!  :)  But she is absolutely adorable--heaven sent. 

I think these next few photos are my favorite.  They are so much more emotional.   They show a relationship.    A young mother and her baby.  Mom will always look back at these and think, oh my goodness, her head fit into my hands.  And baby girl will look back on these pictures and my mom is so pretty and young!  :) 

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