Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Friends

Old friends, make the best friends. From 2003-2005 we lived in Boston. My husband was going to school back there. The move was kind of intimidating, but we were excited for this new adventure together. Our one and only baby was Sarah, and she was about 6 months old. We go to church the first Sunday there and sit in the back row. We were greeted by a very bubbly and friendly Primary President, (shout out to Lisa P.) and others soon followed. However, this day will always be memorable because of Ammon. He walks in introduces himself to us, then goes up to the stand and plays prelude music on the piano. After that he goes on to conduct the meeting..he is a 23 year old member of the Bishopric! After sacrament meeting we're sitting in Sunday school, and he comes in and teaches the class. Amazing. After the class we went and talked to him again, met his sweet wife Kara, and they invited us over to dinner that day!!! Needless to say, we were impressed with these guys from day one!
We love our Boston days. We will always look back on that time so fondly. We loved the people we met there--most of us were students, or just starting out in the work force, and very far away from our families.
Kara's parents live close to where we are now, so every couple of years or so when they come home to visit, they are sweet enough to make time for us. I love being around old friends....they make me feel younger. :)


  1. cute, cute, cute. Love flows out of all of you. They are a darling family

  2. Thanks Liz!! You are the best. And so was Boston. Ahh the glory days ;)

  3. So fabulous! Love it! What a great backdrop, I love the urban shots!