Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blue Steel!

I will admit, in the past I tend to "boost" the eye color in some of my close up portraits. It kind makes the eyes pop, and makes them stand out a bit. I DID NOT edit this little boys eyes at all!! What you see is the real thing!!! Isn't he just the most handsome little guy! :) He was a champ for this photo shoot--we did it up at our local mall where there is a fantastic Koi pond. His parents had told him, "if you smile and say cheese for Liz we'll go see the fishies"--and he was soooo good!!

K and I were talking that family pictures NEED to be a yearly tradition. Children change so quickly, and when they're gone you'll want every picture of their youth you can lay your hands on. (Not too mention, we're not getting any younger either!)
With that being said, let me admit, that in 12 years of marriage, I have not had a family picture taken. It all changes this year!


  1. First Comment!!!!

    Love Mr. Blue eyes. Mom & Dad are fine, too.

  2. Darn! Liz beat me to it...oh well, if you're brave enough to take on a session with my little (haha) family, we'd love to hire you to do it......
    Rhett is gorgeous...great pics!

  3. Too bad I don't live in Simi. Love your photo's and his blue eyes are beautiful!

  4. He is no doubt one of the cutest/handsomest little men I know -- besides mine that is (and yours) ;) I'd like to book you too :)

  5. like the backdrops. Great picture taking liz.

  6. You may not have a family picture of your choice of place but we do have family pictures. I am not at home right now, but if I recall Will was not in them, so you really do need to try to get a good FP.
    Great Job on all of these. Love the red heads! but that is not surprising. We red heads have to stick together no matter the color of our hair now.